Deep Cycle Battery 97ah BK-M27MF

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Deltec Battery BK-M27MF

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Deep Cycle Battery 97ah  BK-M27MF

Deep-cycle batteries are lead-acid batteries that are designed to be regularly deeply discharged during normal operation, effectively capable of discharging up to 80% of its capacity. However the best lifespan vs cost method is to keep the battery at less than 50% depth of discharge.The batteries are of a flooded cell construction with a sealed cover which cannot be removed and which prevent contamination. They are equipped with a safety vent which includes a flame arrester and do not require any periodic topping-up. The batteries are certified maintenance free. Technology which improves the self discharge characteristics has been used.


Batteries – Deltec Deep Cycle Battery

Dimensions 330 x 175 x 240, Rate 97ah, CL tapered. Deep cycle battery.

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