Remote Tank Monitor

JoJo Tank Alert

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Tank Alert allows you to monitor water tank levels from home or office

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JoJo Tank Alert


The JoJo Tank Alert allows you to monitor water tank levels from the comfort of your
own home or office. The JoJo Tank Alert kit contains an electronic gauge which will accurately
and reliably measure the water level in your tank and transmit that information
to a receiver located in your home/office. Communication distance to the receiver is
typically greater than 200m and measurement is within 1cm

Remote Tank Monitor

Remote Tank Monitor

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We stock tanks from all leading tank manufacturers including all standard size tanks as well as custom manufactured tanks. Made from high-quality, UV-resistant polyethylene, JoJo tanks are used throughout South Africa for storing water, fertilizers, chemicals and any other liquid! Tried and tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions, JoJo Tanks come standard with an 8-year warranty. JoJo Tanks offers a range of low-maintenance tanks to store rainwater or chemicals in domestic, commercial and agricultural applications. Harvest rainwater free and use it to water the garden, do laundry, wash the car and top up the pool. Reduce your water bill when using rainwater.

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