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Kwikot 250L Geyser Flat Plate Retrofit

Installation Required? Please Call for Quote.

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Product Description

Kwikot 250L Geyser Flat Plate Retrofit kit

Kwikot kwiksol sol-panel-2b solar flat plate collector panel
Kwikot kh6-320 thermostatic mixing valve – high pressure
Kwikot khn4.200cx cxc vacuum relief valve 22mm
Kwikot khn3-214 400kpa cxc multi pcv & isol valv & exp rel 22mm
Kwikot sol-brct-rm-roof mounting bracket
Geyserwise max solar timer for pumped solar system
Kwikot kh5-005 heat pump draincock / bush
Kwikot kh1.414cx heat pump banjo valve 400kpa
Hotflow pump 220v

Geyser Approvals small

Installation Required – Please Call for Quote.


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