1.5 kW grid tie

Microcare 5kw Grid Tie

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Long service life ensured by using film capacitors.

Product Description

Microcare 5kw Grid Tie


Maximum Efficiency of 97.6%
Hi Quality Display with backlight
Standby current < 5 watt
Wide MPPT input voltage range 110v to 530v volts.
Integrated multi-communication interfaces.
Long service life ensured by using film capacitors.
VDE and CE certifications.
Complies with local NRS 097-2-1 regulations.
IP 65 Protection rated
Minimum Service Turnaround
7 Year Warranty


Input data

Max.dc power: 5200W
Max.dc voltage: 550V
Recommended system voltage: 383v
System start-up voltage: 150v
Pv voltage range mppt: 110V-530V
Full load voltage range mppt: 280V-440V
Max.input current: 19A
Dc voltage ripple: < 5%

Output data

Nominal ac output: 4900W
Max.ac power: 4900W
Max.output current: 23A
Thd of ac current: < 3%
Norminal grid voltage: 220v/230v/240v
Norminal grid frequency: 50hz
Power factor(cos φ): 0.99
Number of feed-in phases: single-phase


Max.efficiency: 97.60%
Mppt efficiency: 99.50%

Device protection

Reverse polarity protection: short-circuit diode
Dc switch: yes
Short-circuit proof: yes
Ground fault monitoring: yes
Grid monitoring: yes
Over-voltage protection: yes
Over-current protection: yes
Active anti-islanding: yes
Ground fault current detection: yes

General data

Dimensions (height x width x depth): 360/500/194
Weight: 18.4kg
Noise level: <30 db
Power consumption night: < 0.2w
Power consumption standby: 6W
Cooling: free convection


On/off mode: auto
Display: lcd/led
Accessory interfaces: rs485/rs232

Additional Information

Weight 18.5 kg


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