Microcare MPPT LED

Microcare MPPT 10A LED, 24V

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Up to 30% more power

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Microcare MPPT 10A LED, 24V

MPPT – 24v Auto plus loadshed, Max Panel Voltage 50Voc


The microcare mppt regulator is designed to interface between the solar panel, the batteries and the load. The tracker will always find the optimum power point of the solar panel system to ensure that maximum power is extracted from the solar panel and put into the batteries. Using this system up to 30% more power can be extracted from the solar panel than using shunt or series pass regulators.


Maximum Solar Panel Voltage: 50.0 V Dc
Maximum Battery System: 24 V Dc
Maximum Charge Current: 10A
Maximim Load: 10A
Load Disconnect Voltage: 20.0 V, 21.4 V, 23.0 V
Auto Reset Voltage: 4 Volts Above Load Disconnect For A 24 V System
Float Charge Voltage: 27.6 V Dc
Boost Charge Voltage: 29.6 V Dc
Daylight Switch Mode: Factory Set – Dusk To Dawn
Programmable Mode: 0.5 Hour Delay After Dusk, 1.0 Hour Delay After Dusk, 1.5 Hour Delay After Dusk
Maximum Panel Size: 240 Watts


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