Microcare MPPT 40A LCD – Auto

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High Efficiency Design With Greater Than 96% Conversion

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Microcare MPPT 40A LCD – Auto


4 X 20 Lcd Display
Optional Input And Output Circuit Breaker Protection
Rs232 And Ethernet Connectivity.
Fully Programmable.
31 Days Logger
High Efficiency Design With Greater Than 96% Conversion.
Low Heat Dissipation.
Variable Fan Cooling.
Suitable For Any Battery Set Between 12 And 48 Volt With 12v Increments.
Electronically Limited Charge Current 20, 40, 60, 100 Amps (Dependent On The Mppt Type).
Maximum Open Circuit Pv Array Voltage 150 Voc (Open Circuit Voltage).
Manual Or Auto Equalise Selection. 13. Wall Mounted.


Output Current Rating: 20, 40, 60, And 100A Available
Nominal Battery Voltage: Multi-Voltage (Automatic/Manual Selection Of Voltage – 12/24/36/48V)
PV Input Voltage: Open Circuit Absolute Maximum 150VDC
Charge Algorithm: 3-Stage Equalize/Boost/Float
Equalize Voltage: >12V Charges To 15V Per Battery + 1hr
Boost Voltage: Charges To 14.5V Switches When Charge Current < 10A Then 1hour
Float Voltage: 13.8V Per Battery
Power Conversion: DC/DC Switch Mode
Voltage Step Down: Can Charge A Lower Voltage Battery From A Higher Voltage PV Array.
Power Consumption: Less Than 1W
Environmental Rating: 0 – 40ºc
Input: 20, 40, 63, And 100A DP Input Circuit Breaker
Output Connection: 25, 50, 63, And 100A DP Output Circuit Breaker
Protection System: Lightning Protection, Reverse Polarity Panel/Battery
Cabinet Dimension: 20/40A 210mm (L) X 220mm (W) X 110mm (H) 60A 300mm (L) X 220mm (W) X 120mm (H) 100A 350mm (L) X 220mm (W) X 130mm (H)
Weight: 20/40A 3kgs / 60A 4kg / 100A 5kg


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