Tin Bracket

Tin Roof Bracket L Feet

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Tin Roof Bracket L Feet

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Tin Roof Bracket L Feet



Tin (Metal) Roof Mounting Solution is suitable for almost any flat roof. It provides a simple and cost-effective solution for mounting all framed and unframed solar panels currently on the market. Hopergy’s wide range of mounting brackets provide for fast and secure fixing to sheet metal, purlins or rafters and for different roofing types at angles from 10 to 60° . To simplify connection of support rails to brackets, Hopergy’s rails are designed to allow fixing nuts to be simply swivelled into the rails.

Tin Mounting Structure



Full Aluminium Quality Mounting Components. All roof mounting structures come with fixing bolts complete with integrated seal as well as rubber seals for between product and roof structure. Ensures leak free installations

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