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 Most Popular Home Inverter

Africa's most popular home inverter. Parallel up to 6 inverters for a total output of 30 kVA. Built in 60A MPPT charger. Automatic Changeover between solar and utility when solar available.


Quality Mounting Components.

We have a mounting solution for all roof types

• Tile mounting systems
• IBR sheet mounting systems
•  Clip Lock mounting systems
• Ground mounting systems
• Carport mounting systems

Wide Range Of Solar Panels

Solar Panels for all applications

• Enersol solar panels for 12v and 24v systems
• Econess solar panels for large systems
• Renesola solar panels
• Aquasol solar panels for pumps
• Thin Film solar panels for high performance

Solar Inverters

We have inverters for all applications from single phase to 3 phase, grid tie to off grid and of, with or without charge controller. 

Lead Crystal Built For Solar Batteries

Lead Crystal Batteries with a published capability of 3000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge lasting almost 10 years.

Leisure Camping Solar Kit

Want to run your camping fridge from solar. Kit includes a 100 Watt Solar Panel, 102 ah Deep Cycle Battery, 10ah Charge Controller, 2 x 5m Leads

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